Why Internet/Web


Using the Internet (i.e. your web site) as only an information brochure and/or a product catalogue is a little like driving your car and only using first gear! You're only just getting started.

The capability to programme web sites to carry out immediate, vital and sometimes quite complex business tasks in a fully secure environment has been around for a few years now and more businesses are starting to realise some of the benefits of that approach. 

Consider the following business requirements:

  • Publish critical changes to information instantly

  • Give staff access to up-to-date business data wherever they are in the WORLD at ANY time

  • Minimise on-going information maintenance costs

  • Provide wider, more up-to-date and exciting services to your customers

  • Use the Internet ACTIVELY to help promote more business

  • Enable geographically dispersed offices to share, and contribute to, on-line business data and processes

This list is hardly exhaustive and yet it is likely that most businesses would identify at least one of those requirements as highly desirable.

With properly designed web-based software all of the above requirements, and many more, can be met NOW.

In the past, such features were dependent upon extensive (and expensive!) intranets (essentially private networks) with sophisticated telecommunications facilities to link together remote offices and to enable remote staff to 'dial in' to access information. While this still has its place in large multi-national organisations, the same capabilities are available to small and medium-sized businesses without the need for huge sums to be spent on the network infrastructure.

Essentially for less than 20 per month for an ADSL Internet connection plus about 20 per month for a professional web hosting service any business can have any or all of these benefits today.

SUMMIT has been specialising in developing web-based software applications for several years and has extensive experience in this approach. Solutions can be built in just a few weeks, costing from just a few thousand pounds.