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 To help structure the information on this page, projects have been subdivided into the following categories:

   1. The customers

   2. Web applications }
   3. Database applications including case studies.
   4. Other projects

The Customers

AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists), Peterborough.

Contacts: Diane Morgan (+44) (0) 1733 390012


Alert4Pets, Nottingham.

Contacts: David Armitage


Antiquity GRP Ltd (fibreglass mouldings), Sheffield.

Contacts: Darren Crookes (+44) (0) 114 275 6000
Managing Director

"Ian Hayes was very thorough in helping us to consider all aspects of the program and in trying to make sure we didn't leave anything out.

We found Ian to be very helpful and professional at all times and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other businesses."

Centor Publishing (magazine publisher), London.

Contacts: Tor Davies
"Ian is one of a rare breed of IT professionals who takes time to understand your business and the way in which it is run before he builds the system. Rather than build a system to your exact requirements he questions the way you do things to suggest better ways. This quality is easy to underestimate but can have a significant impact on a business.

He has also proved invaluable in adding to our own ideas about ways to improve the way we run our business. It has been refreshing to work with an IT developer who is honest and realistic about the work we have requested and instead of just accepting what we have asked for he has pointed out better and cheaper ways of doing it, which saved us money in the process. Refreshingly he has no interest in keeping the black art, black!"

CollardManson Accessories Boutique, Sheffield.

Contact: Tim Collard (+44) (0) 114 273 7755

Gamston Flying School, Retford.

Contact: Steve Ramsden (+44) (0) 1777 838222

Hertsmere Leisure (leisure facilities operator), Watford


Phil Collins

" It really has taken the stress out of managing training here at Hertsmere Leisure.

 I have to admit that we forgot to tell Summit about some of the information we only need from the system periodically, but its design is such that Ian Hayes and his team have been able to create addition functionality as we have gone along. They have helped and supported us at every step along the way.

My staff find it easy to use, it's reliable and we all have great confidence in it."

InTrain (NVQ training company), Wigan

Contact: Alan Poland (+44) (0) 161 245 4737
"... your support has been super.  You have always been there to answer my numerous questions and it still amazes me how you have grasped the whole NVQ system and understand what I talk about!  The updates we have requested and additional work done has always been what we wanted and works and any glitches have been fixed straight away."

Kilroy PHH Ltd (membership management consultancy), Lancashire

Contact: Sarah Kilroy (+44) (0) 797 3775132

MTC Learning (provision of funded learning to migrant workers), London & Swindon

Contact: Haldane Hamer (+44) (0) 7801 945191

Orbit Cycles, Sheffield


Doug Scriven

Physio First (previously: Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice), Towcester.

Contact: Julia Costello (+44) (0) 1327 354441
Office Manager
"Working with Ian Hayes of Summit is encouragingly different. His approach is to develop a thorough understanding of the business aims and strategies and then produce solutions - this has enabled us to move forward extremely rapidly both operationally and strategically as new options have been opened up to us.

With a true understanding of the problem his solutions have proved to be both innovative and powerful. A number of his programme enhancements have saved the organisation more than the original cost within weeks."

Pelican Buying Company, Godalming.

Contacts: Mark Hall (+44) (0)  1483 239197
IT Manager


Sheffield Children's Hospital, Sheffield.

Contacts: CAMHS, Child Psychology Dept.

SPI Developments, Maltby

Contact: Darren Law (+44) (0) 1709 541143

Target Learning Consultancy, Blackburn

Contact: Haldane Hamer (+44) (0) 7801 945191

VS Associates (insurance claim investigators), Rotherham

Contact: Andy Lyons

Wandsworth PCT, London

Contact: Ted Poulter (+44) (0) 20 8812 7840

Wendys Carpets and Curtains, Sheffield

Contact: Andy Caulton (+44) (0) 1709 377231

Wild Star Food, Rotherham

Contact: Angela Howsego (+44) (0) 1709 382879

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Web Applications

Client: Centor Publishing Case Study

Development of their web site from its beginnings as a straight forward e-commerce site with information content management facilities up to the current system which incorporates full operational business support for their order processing, customer subscription management, marketing activities and magazine distribution. Their web site can be viewed at www.sportex.net

Client: Target Learning Consultancy Case Study

Target provide an operational management service for a training company to ensure that their courses are fully booked and their fees are invoiced promptly. Target's web site is a pure operational business application providing for the completion of courses registers by the tutors and a wide range of reports to drive their invoicing and management activities.

Client: Alert4Pets

A new business venture was to provide a tagging system for pets that would allow their owners to send out an alert to other members in the nearby vicinity should the pet escape and be lost. Finder would also be able to register a found pet, whereupon the owner would be advised by e-mail and SMS message. The web site developed for the business provided all of this functionality plus an e-commerce element where tags and memberships to the service could be purchased.

Client: CollardManson Accessories Boutique

CollardManson's  web site is a straightforward e-commerce site that provides their customers with the ability to view and purchase a wide variety of designer accessories and jewellery. The site includes a fully flexible content management facility to enable designer details and product details to be entered and maintained. Their web site can be viewed at www.collardmanson.com

Client: Kilroy PHH

Designed and built a web-based application to support their membership services to various organisations. As well as providing services to the organisations' members, the site also provided operational support via membership tracking and order processing. A typical web site can be viewed at www.uksca.org.uk.

Client: MTC Learning (London & Swindon)

Designed and built a sophisticated system comprising an office-based back-end and a web-based front end. The back-end handles all of the course planning, scheduling and reporting and the front end web site enables the course tutors to enter course registers from any location. The two components are linked via the Internet to maintain data integrity between the two systems.

Clients: Pelican Buying Company

Developed their web site to provide their customers with on-line access to account statements and invoices incorporating high levels of security and hierarchical management structures to enable their customers a managed view of their business transactions from detail up to overview levels. This is private web site and so is not available for viewing.

Clients: Physio First and AACP

Developed their web site which provides their members with access to various member benefits. The site includes comprehensive content management facilities and data integration with their in-house membership system. Their web sites can be viewed at www.physiofirst.org.uk and www.aacp.org.uk

Client: InTrain

Developed their web site from scratch. The site includes comprehensive content management facilities empowering them to maintain all of the text that appears on the pages of their site. Their web site can be viewed at www.intrain.co.uk

Client: University Knowledge Ltd

Designed and built a web-based application to support the requirements for an intellectual property register within the University. This was then extended into a complete end-to-end commercial product incorporating content management, search and enquiry and customer relationship management elements. This web site is currently under restricted pilot and is not publicly available.

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Database Applications

Client: AACP and Physio First Case Study

Developed an office-based membership system which includes data integration with their web site.

Client: Antiquity GRP

Designed and developed an order capture and manufacturing scheduling system that provided integration across their entire order fulfilment operation. 

Client: Hertsmere Leisure

Developed Hertsmere Leisure’s in-house personnel training administration system comprising planning and scheduling with budgetary and cost tracking.

Client: InTrain

Developed their NVQ candidate tracking system to maintain information about each of the candidates' units and portfolios as they progressed through the various stages of assessment and approval.

Client: MTC Learning

Designed and built a sophisticated system comprising an office-based back-end and a web-based front end. The back-end handles all of the course planning, scheduling and reporting and the front end web site enables the course tutors to enter course registers from any location. The two components are linked via the Internet to maintain data integrity between the two systems.

Client: Orbit Cycles

Developed a marketing analysis application that extracts data from their Sage order processing system and provides an interactive enquiry and reporting tool to determine an enormous range of possible management information. 

Client: Sheffield City Flying School

A relatively simple system provided SCFS with an invoicing tool that reduced the time taken to generate invoices by more than 50% AND removed mistakes from the process.

Client: Sheffield Children's Hospital

The Sheffield Children's Hospital, Child Psychology Dept need to process dozens of hand-completed questionnaires each day. The system developed for them automates the scanning and importing of data from them and the generation of the several analysis reports needed by the department's clinicians. It also automates the export of selected data into preformatted spreadsheets to cater for their commitment for central reports.

Client: SPI Developments

SPI are a fluid control systems, design and engineering company who design and develop mechanisms for the control and delivery of various fluids for a range of manufacturing industries. The office-based system developed for them incorporated stock control, design bill of materials, automatic purchase ordering, manufacturing scheduling and customer order management.

Client: VS Associates

This is a complex system that maintains details of their on-going investigations along with the myriad of documents that they generate for each job. The reports generated by the system are very specific and detailed to support the requirements of their customers.

Client: Wandsworth PCT

Wandsworth provide a series of physical classes to help frail people to reduce their need for medical service interventions. The system built for them provides detailed tracking of their clients through the various programmes they provide including the ability to generate documents and letters as necessary.

Client: Wild Star Food

To replace a variety of spreadsheets created by the business owner, we developed an order processing system that reduced the administrative overhead of the business by several hours per day.

A demonstration version of our database applications is available by clicking here.

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Other Projects

Client: Community Justice NTO Case Study

Four projects to create a CD viewer to publish vocational standards and S/NVQ qualifications. Two of the projects were to provide the publication in the Welsh language (which was subcontracted to a translation agency, I hasten to add).
A demonstration of this viewer is available by clicking here.

Further projects for CJNTO (who are now 'Skills for Justice' since the NTO structure was completely revised) have involved converting their on-line learning materials into a similar, but much more interactive format providing a variety of tasks and self assessment features.

Client: SPRITO 

A user friendly CD viewer for SPRITO's NVQ and Occupational Standards documentation. Published on CD-ROM and including a full text search feature and extensively cross-referenced material. Demonstration available.

 Client: ntoTele.com

A user friendly CD viewer for the Telecommunication's Call Handling vocational standards and S/NVQ qualifications


If you would like to know further details about any of these projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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