Our Approach


Our approach to our work, which is helping to solve customers' business problems through software solutions , can best be summarised in one word:


When we sign an agreement with a customer to develop new software for them we understand that we are not simply committing ourselves to writing some software. Our commitment is to delivering software which works with the business and actually helps get the work done:

  • more accurately

  • more quickly

  • with less effort

  • more visibly

In order to achieve that we need to understand what the business does, how it does it and where the current limitations are. In this way we can begin to identify how new software can help overcome those limitations and deliver the types of improvements that are needed.

The process of building this working relationship with a customer begins at the very first meeting (whether that be face to face or on the end of a phone) and continues long after the new software is installed and working. Most of our customers have asked for additions to their software once their horizons have been extended after using it for a short time. The on-going nature of our commitment to the working relationship makes that process easy and constructive.

Overlaying the more relaxed and open nature of the working relationship described above, a customer project will normally follow an eight stage process to ensure that formal checkpoints are in place:

  1. Information gathering and assessment of needs

  2. Proposal to carry out detailed analysis and preliminary design plus estimate for likely development cost

  3. Customer acceptance of analysis and design proposal

  4. Analysis and design resulting in a Requirements document plus a proposal for the development, installation and support

  5. Customer acceptance of the Requirements document and development proposal

  6. Development, testing, data transfer (old systems to new), installation and training

  7. Customer acceptance and use of the new system

  8. On-going support

For a simpler requirement, stages 2 and 3 may be omitted.

Although the above process serves to guide the project through to a completion, the underlying values continue to apply:
Our commitment to delivering the best solution we can within the project's constraints.

If you feel that your business may benefit from new software why not begin stage 1 of the process now and give me a call or send me e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you

Ian Hayes