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Utilising Microsoft's HTMLHelp on-line authoring tool, SUMMIT has completed 6 projects for 3 different National Training Organisations.

Each project has had broadly similar objectives: To present the National Occupational Standards and their associated S/NVQs in an interactive viewer capable of helping its users find their way through the material easily and in addition, providing them with a tool which helps them to organise their decision making and learning approach.

The technology used provides the following main features:

  • Structured and dynamic table of contents

  • Full text search facility  using words, phrases and logical combinations (e.g. client AND conflict)

  • A favourites or bookmarking facility

  • Hyperlinks between pages allowing dynamic cross referencing to related subjects

  • Pop-ups which can be used to provide a glossary or additional information.

Although this demonstration is primarily textual in nature the same technology could be applied to a more visual and dynamic subject matter.