PC Database demo

There are two quite different demonstrations available.

The first is a simple and yet powerful booking system which allows you to set up resources to be booked (e.g. rooms, consultants, etc.) and then place bookings for them. The bookings are displayed on a visual timeline which makes getting an overview of the complete picture very easy.

The second demonstration is a fully featured training administration system that is derived from the system we developed for Hertsmere Leisure and which is still in daily use there.

There is lots of help and information included in the systems (look out for the '?' buttons) to guide you through it, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Click here to download the Booking System demo for Access2000 or later. (344KB)

Click here to download the Training Administration System demo for Access2000 or later. (1.1MB)


  1. The links above point to a self-extracting zip file which contains a Microsoft Access database application.
    You must have Microsoft Access to run these demos - please choose the correct version.
  2. When you click the link you will be asked whether you want to Open or Save the file.
  3. Select Open and click OK.
  4. After a short delay while it is downloaded a window will appear enabling you to enter the location on your system where you want to place the unzipped Access database file. Enter the location you wish (it will default to the root folder of your C: drive) and click Unzip.
  5. Once unzipped, locate the database file on your system and double-click it to open it and start the demo application.


In our experience, the information in any database (even your filing cabinet is a database!) can soon get out of control if not properly organised and if its user interface is not easy and intuitive to use. Keeping track of data is essential for the smooth operation of any business but it is often poorly maintained, which is when things will start to grind to a halt.

The Solution

Our approach is to apply fundamental database design principles to structure the data and thus allow easy access and interrogation of it, making it work harder for your organisation to provide more meaningful information. Around this data structure we build a simple user interface which presents the data in a user-friendly and intuitive way.

With a streamlined data tracking system, your business can more easily realise it's potential and, due to the strong foundation in design, the database software can evolve to handle business changes through easy implementation of updates at a minimum of cost and effort!

What's in a typical system?

Our data tracking systems, built to your requirements, will

  • provide application security through privileged user access
  • provide intuitive data entry forms
  • generate useful and informative reports
  • filter data by setting specific search criteria for use in reports
  • interface with data held on the web
  • provide a system maintenance menu to maintain the organisation of data
  • provide general 'Housekeeping' and end of year processing

As with all our projects, we will work closely with you to ensure the finished system does what you need it to do.

What next?

See what our customers have said about working with us and of their new database applications.

If you would like to speak to us directly, with no obligation, about how our database applications can be tailored specifically to your business requirements, then contact us now for your professional solution.